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evolve logo

Evolve Carbon GT 

With a 31 mile range, and hill climbing abilities of over 25% (pretty much any hill in SF) this board is as top end as it gets. For faster charging times add a quick charger and don’t forget to throw in the A/T kit.


Without a doubt Evolve boards have more Torque and Range than any electric skateboard that we have ever tested. They climb the steepest hills and pride themselves on being the sports car of the electric industry. Now located in San Diego, this company started in New Zealand and quickly caught traction as being one of the baddest E-Board companies out there. Quickly convert street mode to all-terrain mode and these boards can handle more than you can throw at them.

Evolve Bamboo GT

This Electric Board comes with the same motors as the Carbon so it’s no slouch. It’s slightly shorter wheelbase and flexible deck make this board a carving machine. It’s range is 19 Miles and can tear up on or off road.

electric skateboard san francisco

electric skateboard san francisco

electric skateboard

electric skateboard san francisco

Boosted board logo


Boosted Board

The Original E-Board and benchmark for all other companies. Many have tried and failed but Boosted is truly the company that set the stage for Electric Skateboards. These boards are without a doubt the most reliable, user friendly, and comfortable boards to be on. As soon as you jump on one of these machines you will truly understand what everyone is talking about.

  electric skateboard san francisco  


    electric skateboard san francisco




One wheel logo



The all new one wheel plus is coming soon. Straight out of Santa Cruz the new One-Wheel + is smarter, faster, and sexier. With the older version true and tested the new board is promising speeds up to 19mph which is hauling on this tech wonder. If you haven’t tried one yet please stop by as this machine will definitely blow your mind.


One wheel+ Plus  

One wheel+ Plus

Inboard skate logo


Inboard – M1

InBoard – New to the block is the InBoard. This company based out of Santa Cruz introduced the first ever Hub Driven skateboard. The M1 is truly a miracle board. With 0 belts, water-resistant, and swappable batteries, this company has thought of it all. With no drag you can kick this board around like a normal skateboard. It’s the most low profile electric board and rides like a dream. Come on in and give one a test.





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